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Edit bank description from authorize

What is the easiest way to edit how a transaction appears in my bank? I have three different types of transactions coming from my website, purchases, donations and fees. I need a way for my bank account to be able to tell the difference. Right now they all just come in as auth transactions with trans ID and some basic bank stuff. How can I specifiy what is put in the description that gets sent to my BANK. I can pass in any additional params or change settings in I assumed there would be a Memo option where I could put this but I have found nothing. Using DPM if that helps.


Hello @zocheyado 


From your description, you are requesting a feature called "Soft Descriptors" which we currently do not support. Similar requests are here as well. 


You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum.  This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.



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