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Empty response for transaction on Receipt or Relay response URL

This is with regard to a few queries/issues encountered while integrating the payment gateway to our platform perform transactions.

Method Used : Accepted Host

Transaction Response : Redirect Method

What we require is to perform a successful transaction and get the response on our server so that the post payment operations can be carried out

Despite being able to enter the payment gateway screen and perform a transaction, I am unable to view the response in the url specified in the "hostPaymentReturnOptions" section (url and cancelUrl parameters).

What could the issue? Is this the expected steps?

Moreover, I tried providing Default Receipt URLs and Relay Response URLs. The result seems to be the same.

Also, would like to know more about the differences between Receipt, Relay Response and Silent Post URLs.

There is a considerable time delay noticed in navigating to the default receipt page once a transaction is successful. What could be the issue?

Does Authorize.Net have net-banking or wallet as the payment option

Thanks and Regards