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Error creating sandbox account

I get the following error when trying to create a developer sandbox account.

"LoginID has too many simple patterns in it"

I have tried numerous variations of loginIds including

* dcdevd1str1but0r
* PzhACorL6sE7
* etc...

These all seem to meet the qualifications required:
"Between 8-20 characters, no symbols, must include letters and numbers."

Is there an issue with creating sandbox accounts right now or am I doing something wrong?


"mintLogin is invalid. LoginID has too many simple patterns in it"

Is the full error message.


tried different options both personal & busines account, US, non-US etc. but everything gets error status. On the Profile account details it says Your sandbox account could not be created. Delete it and try again.

Not sure how it's possible to create the account at all? Anybody got through this experience successfully?


I have had the Exact same issue through the web browser. I have also used several different browsers & computers. I cannot get a verification code. It used to work. This is something on Kucoin's end. Note that I can send orders through the API & the websockets work. It's just being able to get past the verification code is the problem.


I had luck finally creating my sandbox account by changing a few things.

1. Using a shorter username (10 characters)
2. Using a username that did not end in a number
3. Using a username without a capital letter
4. Using a password without any special characters

I don't know which of these things might have been the one that caused it to work.  I never did get a reply to my support email.

  • Use the ""Create Account" button - instead of duplicating. There seems to be a number of bugs if you use the Actions "Duplicate" method of generating a new sandbox account.

Paypal - provides two examples for you when you first visit the sandbox accounts section.

If you use the Actions "Duplicate" of one of those accounts - which is the natural tendency. It seems to have a number of errors in the fields.

Programmatic errors - it set the sandbox account balance, as my user name and would not accept the email address.

It also seemed to want to check that the selected email/username did not already exist. Wait till you see the green "available" text when you enter the email address/username

*Overall - it just seemed buggy - take your time an create new accounts. Some sloppy programming and management on paypals part. Big surprize. 0_0

*It took multiple attempts - deleting the test sandbox account I tried to create - and then starting over and trying again.

It is likely that these errors will eventually be fixed - but as of today (Aug 09 2017) this is what worked for me. And the errors mentioned existed. /omegle


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