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Examples of AIM in Java

I've downloaded the Java SDK and checked out the AIM package. I am new to integration with credit cards, so the terminology has me a bit confused. Are there any code examples of how to make an actual transaction through aim in Java? The only complete examples I have been able to find are in JSP. For the most part the code makes sense, but because of my lack of knowledge of the process of creating a transaction, I do not know which methods should be called first, etc. Or I could use xml. I would assume that I would make an http request to the sandbox URL with the xml values as a string? Any pointers would help. Thanks.


Hello @hqfit123


We have a couple of resources for you.  To get an overview of Authorize.Net and payment terms, we have some training videos.  You can also review our API Reference which has a fully interactive console to perform sandbox transactions. 



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