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Extend an authorization, preventing expiration

We are using CIM. Is there a way to extend an authorization so that it doesn't expire?


The scenario is that we sell products that sometimes are offered for preorder and may not ship for over a month. We need to keep the auth in place until shipment occurs.


Would it be possible to run the auth again for a penny more to "refresh" it?


Alternatively, any recommendations on another option I should consider?





No. there isn't a thing call refresh a authorization.

Just make sure you got pay before shipping.


Thanks for the quick reply, Raynor.


Our backend system and website do the capture when the products are scanned for shipment. Since the website does the actual capture, there's little opportunity to get a notification to our warehouse folks and make sure the product is removed from the day's shipments.


We are trying to find a way to reduce the risk of shipping a product that we didn't collect funds for.


Any other ideas?

Charge them the day before the shipping date.

We have a connector that automates everything between our ERP and website. While we could possibly manually do this, when it's for hundreds of orders that could be a real task and prone to human error. Would prefer to automate it. :/

Can't setup a schedule job?

Will check to see if we can automate on the ERP side.


I was hoping we could find an answer using the API.


If anyone else has any ideas or faces a similar scenario, you're insight would be appreciated.