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Galera cluster is tricking my mind out

Alright people, I know how to configure Galera and my cluster is sometimes working, sometimes not... I think it's a question of order to follow but I'm lost at this point.

First of all I want a cluster of three MySQL (MariaDB 10.3) servers.

The first node is starting fine showing in MySQL 1 node connected.

When I start then the 2nd or the 3rd it's also working, showing two nodes which successfully synchronize datas between after some tests of my own.

But when I try to start the third server mysql crash showing a -110 error...

Well after some tests it appears that the third time I try to run MySQL it always fail, even if I run the third time node 2 or 3... or 3 or 2.

It always work the second time but never the third.

Do you have some advices to porperly run that cluster? Is it maybe a question of systemd timeout?

I put a 10 min timeout now, hope it will work...

I get you updated.

Specs: MariaDB 10.3 on all HyperV VMs connected in private links with systemd 10 min timeout on CentOS 7


I am in need of this information for work, thank you very much for your information. 

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