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Generating Sandbox eCheck Settlement Declines

Is there a way to generate a decline at the time of settlement for eCheck transactions?  I am attempting to account for the case where an eCheck transaction may be initially approved, but decline at the time of settlement due to insufficient funds (or any other reason).


The FAQ states that eCheck transactions don't settle in the sandbox, but I think this may be out of date as we're seeing them settle in our merchant interface in the nightly batch.


Just wondering if there is a way to adequately test for this before we go to production.




Hi andrewskaggs


You are correct that eCheck transactions do now settle in our Sandbox environment. The documentation you are referring to likely needs to be updated, as it was created during a period where this function was not working in Sandbox. 


We do offer specfic testing values that can be used in the Sandbox environment to produce eCheck failures, although they do not occur in real-time as credit card transactions do simply because they wouldn't in our Production environment either. The testing values can be obtained from our Testing Guide found at:


Thank you,



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