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Get No Response from API After Announcement Network Change Notification



I have face issue of not getting response from API after moved from Akamai to CloudFlare.


Please let us know if any one have same issue and got solutions.


Thanks in advance.



The only response I get is "Connection Failure".  I've spent the entire day trying to make this work.  

The documentation at is Inaccurate and incomplete.  


Even once I found the file named "" attached to the bottom of the issue and installed that it doesn't w...


I tried the files found at this URL:  I installed multiple of these just trying to get one to work.  None do.


I called tech support and spoke with 2 different reps.  One had be repeat all the steps I've done already today.  Still didn't work.  They finally said that I should come to this community forum and look for my answers here with the rest of the developers.  


It's infuriating.  The client's ecommerce site is completely down now because of this update.  



I have exactly the same prblem. So fruatrating. customer service rep basically washed his hands on this and told me to get help in this forum or send the detailed description of the problem to the site. and wait1-2 busines days fro answers. In the meantime the customer's e-commerce site is down 2 days already.... 2-3 days more?? That's crazy....






I also face same issue on PRODUCTION mode. I am totally stuck and even i had also chat with support but they have not satisfactory reply. I added efforts and resolved this issue.


Help Link:


Please follow below steps,


  • Open this link:
  • Enter api endpoint:
  • Click Submit & wait for complete 100% loading.
  • search "Entrust Certification Authority - L1K " from result.
  • and click on the icon "download".
  • and past it to your cert.pem of folder.Please let me know if you still have issue after above steps completed.

Hope this is helpful.


Thank you.





Thank you so much for taking the time to post this solution, this worked and our form is back up and running. I could hug you right now :)

Brilliant! Thank you!


Especially with the specific step of what to do with that file: "and past it to your cert.pem of folder. Please let me know if you still have issue after above steps completed."


I spent 2 days with customer service downloading different files but never knowing what to do with them.


Wonderful! We were suffering from this since Monday...


We are using Centos 6 with Apache 2.4 and after following your instructions, we needed to:


1. Download the Server Chain File from the results at (the second one, listed as Additional Certificates) and saved it as entrust_L1K.crt

2. Copy the file to /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/

3. Execute update-ca-trust extract


And voila! The problem was fixed.


Thank you very much...

I do wish that I received the same response. 

I followed the procedure of:

  1. Go to
  2. Wait awhile
  3. Scroll down to "Additional Certificates (if supplied)
  4. Look to the right of that title for a download arrow icon.
  5. It opens up into a window with a path such as: (...yadayadayadawithatimestampvariable)


I then:

  1. used Notepad++ and created a new text file.
  2. Pasted in the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----...etc text 
  3. Saved the file as entrust_L1K.crt


The importing of the cert was using these different steps:


  1. Log in to cPanel (
  2. Go to SSL/TLS
  3. Certificates (CRT) > Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.
  4. Upload New Certificate -> Choose File (find entrust_L1K.crt in file manager)
  5. Upload Certificate

The certificate is now visible, at the top of the list of SSL certificates, and shows that:

  • the issuer is Entrust, Inc
  • The key size is 2048
  • The domains are * and

When re-attempting a transaction on the website, the same response as before was returned.

By that response, I am referring to the transaction response page immediately loading, but without outputting any results returned from, such as what would normally be returned as:
and with the value of "1" for:

I reviewed the text file which was defined here, earlier in the php file being run:
define("AUTHORIZENET_LOG_FILE", "phplog");

That "phplog" text file includes the XML response. Normally, if it was a declined card, such as with incorrect information being entered, then there would be a detailed response showing why it was declined. 
However, with the current response from, that XML log is very short, only returning the values which were sent to, but not any explanation of why the card was declined... or even a log saying that the card was declined.  It's almost like a one-way conversation, and I would be expecting at least some reply from showing that the transaction was declined (and why).

For other background information:

  • The response on the phplog file is validating that sdk-php-2.0.0 is being used.
  • The SSL provider did run a successful test showing that the "leaf" was being provided.

With both of those covered (the host and the SSL provider), the only remaining culprit is Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench... in other words,

I'm still getting this The remote name could not be resolved: '' exception. I have installed all the certificates indicated above as well as the Entrust ones here.

It looks like this notice spells it out, but never notified us about this issue. Regardless, I have done everything to no avail.