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GetCustomerProfileIds without ProfileId

I'm wondering if there is a way to retrieve the ProfileId of a customer without the ProfileId.  In a situation where there was a capture error of the id on my end, say the result of a time out in my database (an unfortunate, unavoidable reality), I could be stuck with a situation where upon attempting to create the profile again, I will receive an E0039 error.  In that error message, it will give the duplicate value, but as part of the message string.  I realize that I can parse the string, but that is a compete hack.


Is there a method that will return the value, this seems like a valueble method, at least to me, thanks.


Hi Cory,


We do have a call in CIM called getCustomerProfileIds. You can't request a specific ID based on particular info, but you can have the gateway return all the IDs you've got in the system, which may help with what you're looking for. Check out the CIM guides for more details.





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Thanks, I know about that, but that could become a very expensive operation.