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GetHostedProfilePage API call - How To Use It?



I've searched this board and google to no avail. I don't see how I am able to get a token via:


GetHostedProfilePage API call


So I can use the hosted profile modification popups when using CIM. I know how to create a profile and delete one, but not modify one and I was hoping this pop up solution would come in handy. It says to:


"Put this hidden <form> anywhere on your page with the token from the GetHostedProfilePage API call.

But is there even any documentation to explain how to do this? I just want to use this method but I don't see the point of it if there is no explanation on how to use it. I just can't afford to lose more time trying to figure this out so I had to ask. I am sure others here would appreciate the answer as well.


Thank you for your time and for CIM, it is a remarkable service you offer and I do appreciate it even if it doesn't sound like it ;)


If there's any Classic ASP coders out there still struggling with this, I finally figured out how to get the token.  If there's any interest, I could post it and see if there's a better method but at least it works.

Please explain how to get token and send me code 

How to get token please send me code