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Help me get a successful transaction with Accept.js (error code 33)



I've implemented a basic setup to test if Accept.js will charge my card. For the SecureData object, I give it the card, expiry, and the "Firstname Lastname" format string for the SecureData.fullName field.


Send the nonce away, and message on return is transaction cancelled, because: 


"errors":{"error":[{"errorCode":"33","errorText":"Bill To First Name is required."},{"errorCode":"33","errorText":"Bill To Last Name is required."}]}


But I've given it the first and last name already, under the fullName field. What gives?


Morever, am I right in choosing Accept.js for a payment gateway to accept donations. Are there limitations?


@mahdiy It sounds like your sandbox gateway account requires the first name (and maybe the last name as well) in the billTo information.


Even if you submit the full name through Accept.js, you will want to include this information in the follow-on createTransaction call.


Alternately, you can disable the first and last name fields in the Form Fields section of the Payment Form settings.

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