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Help retrieving Card Type from DPM response

I am trying to determine the credit card type in the response coming back from Authorize.NET when I use the DPM method. The examples I saw had you cast the Request.Form object to a SIMResponse object. This object doesn't appear to have card type as a valid property.


Any help is greatly appreciated.






Since you mentiones SIMResponse, I'm going to assume that you are using the .Net SDK.  I just reviewed the SDK and confirmed that it unfortunately does not have x_card_type defined in the response fields.  I can put this in as a bug/feature request to be updated with the next version of the SDK, but the only immediate fix would be to update ApiFields.cs and SIMResponse.cs to incorporate this field.

Administrator Administrator

Thanks for the reply. I am using the ReportingGateway class to make an API call to getTransactionDetails now and trying to retrieve info after the fact. Can you obtain it from there? I am passing a transaction id and getting data back, but the card number and card type come back blank.