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Hosted CIM and CCV Validation

Hi Everyone,


I have just set up my first hosted CIM integration and everything is going well with my test account. My goal is to have users enter a CC profile via hosted CIM then i will bill them immediately for the first month of their subscription, then i will have an automated task that will bill them monthly thereafter.


I am trying to avoid all PCI requirements, and also want to be as sure as possible that i have been given a legit card. What i would like to do is validate that the CVV number and address to the card are correct when the user enters it in hosted CIM,  then I will run the card thereafter without cvv as i know it was all good when the profile was set up.


Problem: it seems that hosted CRM does not allow me to force the user to enter a CCV entry. If i force CCV to be 100% used in the UI will this make the hosted form verify the CVV field? If so, i think this will stop me doing the automated monthly billing without the CCV code right?


I thought that i could try calling validate profile myself and force the user to enter their ccv code to me, but this would make their ccv code hit my server which i REALLY dont want to do. Does anyone have any ideas?


thanks very much for your help!!




Unfortunately, the hosted CIM forms do not currently let you specify the required fields. Thi sis something that we are looking to change, but it isn't something that I can provide you a precise timeline on.

Administrator Administrator

I am also looking for a similar capability in CIM. i.e Forcing a CVV one time using a hosted form and then have periodically submitthing transactions without a CVV from a CRON/Quartz job.


Any update on when this will be available or how this can be done currently?




Hello prkrishanan:

We don't have a time line for implemeting this enhancement. I'd recommend subscribing to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if there are updates. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe