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Hosted Form and API responsiveness



We have been successfully using Authorize.Net as our payment gateway for a few years now and are in the process of migrating to the Hosted Form ( to meet PCI compliance.


We are using for development and testing.


Here's our workflow:

  • We create the Customer Profile through the CIM API
  • We render a page with the Add Payment Profile button
  • User clicks the Add Payment Profile button, fills in his credit card details and successfully submits
  • We attach to the AuthorizeNetPopup.options.onPopupClosed event and post to the GetCustomerProfile endpoint to retrieve a paymentProfileId

If we are not mistaken, we have to hit the GetCustomerProfile endpoint to get a paymentProfileId, it's not returned in any way automatically once the user submits the form?


The issue is that, once the user submits the form and we get the response back from GetCustomerProfile, the response doesn't contain the data of the newly created Payment Profile.


It seems to take a few seconds for the submitted data to propagete and if we add a timeout/sleep of a few seconds, after the user submits the form and before we post to GetCustomerProfile, we get the compelte data (the response then containts paymentProfileID).


Are we doing everything as expected? If so, how long can we expect the "data propagation" to take, that is, how long should our "timeout" be? Is there an alternate and better approach to just "waiting" a few seconds?


Thank you in advance.


Hello @vlasar


Apologies for the delayed response.  We've escalated your issue to our product team but don't yet have a final response from them.


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Administrator Administrator

Hello @vlasar


Are you still experiencing this issue?