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How do I force correct CCV?

Hi newbie here. I was trying out my form production mode. It allowed me to submit even if the CCV was wrong. Is there a way to not allow this? if there is how do i do it? is there a settings in the API? like something i set to true or false. OR do i do it on the merchant control panel side?


Hello @milotimbol


Are you sending your transactions to the sandbox?  The sandbox will accept any valid CCV unless you use the testing guide to simulate a response.



Administrator Administrator

In code I switched it to production. but in authorize it was in testing mode. 

If your production account is running it test mode, it only checks for valid credentials and returns OK, it does not actually attempt or process a transaction.


If you're testing your code, I suggest using the sandbox and our testing guide.



The merchant's control panel does enable you to fine tune your criteria for Card Code Verification, under Security Settings > Basic Fraud Settings. While testing in the SandBox you can use the following card codes to generate specific CVV responses.

CVV  Response	CVV Status
900	M	Successful Match
901	N	Does NOT Match
904	P	Is NOT Processed
902	S	Should be on card, but is not indicated
903	U	Issuer is not certified or has not provided encryption key
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