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How do I use CIM Payment Profiles for Direct Payment Processing?

I have just completed work to use your CIM hosted popups for customer management of Payment Profiles (using .NET).

Now, I want to know who to use those profiles when submitting a payment from my web page using POST methods?  I DO NOT see any parameter that accepts the CustomerProfileID or CustomerPaymentProfileID that would be needed to accomplish this.  Ideas?


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FYI - I have been through the SDKs searching for this answer.  IF it's there I can't find it!


You can either use web service call or the XML webrequest methods, there is no url post for the CIM payment profile.


Can you please expand on what api and web services calls are you referring to?  


My preference is to use the <b>SIM hosted payment pages</b> at this point so are there ways to connect the data between the SIM and CIM data?  If so how?



Documentation for CIM

There one for web service and one for XML


No. SIM and CIM are different API.

Ok, yes I have read the CIM SOAP docs and built that into my app.


Now, I want to process a payment using SIM.  How does SIM receive my customer's Profile ID?

As I said before you can't use customer profile ID with SIM. Just use your SOAP CIM to create a transaction.