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How does work and how to integrate it ?

Hi guys, I am a bit confused on how does work and how to integrate it, in my project I am using Angular as frontend and node.js as backend and I have installed via npm install authorizenet also cloned the Node.js sample code and I would like to set like so.

Let's say I have a form on my website where the customer needs to enter their details including the credit card details, my question is when submitting (using HTTP Request Method: POST) does my website need to redirect to Authorize or is there a widget that Authorize uses that I can implement in my website or are the details send directly to Authorize and handled there.

On submitting the details from the website do I simply call let's say the function from the sample codes (modified for my site) charge-credit-card.js ?

After that where do I receive the response, do I need to somehow capture it ?

Do I simply use the Production API Endpoint: use my Api login and transaction key to use Authorize, at least that's the way in the documentation from my understanding - After building the XML object for an API request, submit it to the payment gateway as a standard HTTPS POST to an API endpoint. The exact process for doing this will depend upon the development language that you use.

Thank you in advance.




Did you have a fix on this issue? Facing same issue but no response from anyone .........

If you got the answer so plz keep sharing .





Currently I am trying stuff out, yet to get to the part of submitting the HTTPS POST method and to see what will happen with the response, hopefully someone will answer the thread with their own experience.