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How to get response information(c#) and customize accept hosted page

Hi Team,

I am using c#. I would like to get response information after I come back to my website from Authorize.Net payment page. I called GetAnAcceptPaymentPage to get the token information and after that using form button I am redirecting to Authorize.Net hosted page. But after payment I see the response object is not returning anything. Is there any thing I need to take care of?


On top I would like to customize my hosted payment form. I tried customizing using option given under Account->Transaction Format Settings->Payment Form. But when I redirect from my application it does not reflect any changes.


Any guidance would be helpful for me to proceed

Those settings in the interface are for an old hosted form. People still use that form. It is being phased out. You need to set up webhooks. That’s how you get transaction responses with the redirect method and is also my preferred method for the iframe integration.
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