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How to get the customer profile id and customer payment profile id for Accept hosted Iframe method

Hi there,


We have been using the Accept hosted solution of with the Iframe to setup the recurring billing on your end. So far we have getting the response string in the Iframe communicator containg the transaction Id , Auth code, response code, billing details etc. We were expecting the response string to contain the payment profile id and the customer profile id from the iFrame communicator as we had set the 'addPaymentProfile' parameter to true in the hostedPaymentCustomerOptions setting while getting the accept hosted page. The 'create customer profile from the transaction ' API requires the credit card details to be submitted from the code while making the API request which we cannot do considering the PCI compliance regulations. The sample request method using the JSON data shows that the customer profile id can be acquired by submitting the API_LOGIN _ID,TRANSACTION_KEY and transaction id using REST client like POSTMAN but I have been getting the error code like this : {
    "customerPaymentProfileIdList": [],
    "customerShippingAddressIdList": [],
    "validationDirectResponseList": [],
    "messages": {
        "resultCode": "Error",
        "message": [
                "code": "E00100",
                "text": "Customer profile creation failed. This transaction type does not support profile creation."



Please help us and guide us which way we can get the customer profile id and payment profile id so that we can setup the recurring subscription from our end.


Thanks and regards,



Hi @Mohammed


Are you passing the customer profile ID in the request ?


addPaymentProfilespecifies whether to allow the customer to use the payment form to add a new form of payment to their customer profile.


Applies when a customerProfileId has been sent with the token request. The default is true.



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Hi ,


We are not sending the customerProfileId and the paymentProfileId through the token request as we dont have that value. We would like to obtain the customerProfileId and customerPaymentProfileId without sending the credit card details thriugh the code in order to avoid the PCI compliance issues. The 'createCustomerProfileFromTransactionRequest' requires us to send the credit card details through the code which we cannot do.  Our final objective is to setup the recurring subscription which according to the documentation requires customerProfileId and paymentProfileId. So our main goal for now is how to get the customerProfileId and paymentProfileId using the Iframe communicator method

I too have same issue. Is there any solution?

And can you please provide a solution How to setup the existing payment profile is a Default one (in Customer Payment Profile list, there is only ONE payment profile exists)?


Can't you consider that one payment profile as a default one? 

Were you able to fix this issue? I am facing the same?