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How to integrate payment method

I have a real estate website where I help people to buy & sell their property under one roof where we are covering different projects. I want to add the secure payment method for my clients which has full security so that my customers feel safe and secure while spending their money to choose our services
Suggest me some good and secure payment methods and how can I do this.
Loads of thanks!


I have a tech website too where I help people fixing their bugs for laptops and computers and I also want to add Authorize payment menthod on my blog so I can receive donations or product payments from my visitors. how can I add it too.


Hey there,

I have travel website where People can find the best places in Dubai to visit  I want to add the authorized payment method on my website so Can I receive the payment from my Visitor. Need help regarding this. How can I add this? 


I'm making a catering app and I need to have a way for the user to pay for their order. What's the best way of doing this? I'd like to avoid requiring the user to use a payment service like PayPal (I want them to be able to pay with their credit card information).