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InPersonSDK Augusta - Sandbox Testing



I'm pretty tilted with this InPerson SDK and overall Authorize.Net support. I've tried setting up the example on the Github and it fails for sandbox environments. The only time I gotten to post a successful transaction is when testing my code on a non-sandbox environment, on the correct Payment processor that supports Augusta. This is a disaster if you cannot test before pushing to production but luckily I have a very patient client here.


The error code I receive when using a sandbox account is "0: An error occurred during processing. Please try again." Firstly, informative error message. Secondly, this occurs on my code as well as the sample on the github.


Unfortunately, my company is using Chase instead of FDC Nashville as a payment processor. So I cannot test this code without swapping payment processors which is hilarious. I'm forced to test this on my clients machines, which is hilariously sad to me.


How am I suppose to integrate this? Sign up for a Live account with FDC Nashville just to test with? The developers of the SDK on github don't respond to questions. The support team I call into doesn't even know what github is. I'm at the point where I'm just ready to ditch Authorize.NET for my company and my clients companies.