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Integration testing - How do I deal with authentication?

I am trying to setup some integration tests for a web API. Some of the routes in the controller I am interested in use the [Authorize] attribute, backed by JWT authentication using Identity Server 4, to prevent unauthorized from accessing certain resources.

I'd like to "disable" authorization for testing purposes: replacing Identity Server with a "fake" authorizer that always gives green light to all requests.

I am using TestServer to run the API I want to test in memory and I'd like to use ConfigureTestServices to override the authorisation method, but I can't find any easy way to stub/mock it.

Does anyone have any relevant experience with a similar problem?


There are multiple solutions available for this problem. One of the solution is API Gateway pattern .

  1. First request goes to API gateway
  2. API Gateway authenticates & authroizes the request
  3. Authentication is stored on cache database such as Redis, Memcache etc with expiry time on it
  4. Saved access token is returned to client
  5. Client can use the saved access token in the subsequent calls for the some time span (i.e. until the token is valid)
  6. Once the token is expired, the API gateway will authenticate and share the new token to client
  7. This solution will reduce the need to authenticate each request and improves the performance

API Gateway is the single entry point for all the services. So, you may not need separate cache for each service. ACES ETM


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