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Intermittent Connectivity Errors


We are experiencing an intermittent error that is being thrown from the invocation of methods in the AuthorizeNet.NetStandard library (AuthorizeNet.Util.HttpUtility.PostData). From our logs, it's saying "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time..". We are using the C# Authorize libraries and publish our code to an Azure App Service instance. This does not happen every time, but we have seen it with each of our gateways. Is there additional configuration we need to set or has this been addressed in a newer version of the SDK? 

Thank you!


What these guys said.

Use PingPlotter / smokeping /pathping -- it's easier to read and will test the hops.

Take a look at jitter to see if it's traffic based.

But likely ISP problem. User complains, they thrown in an easy fix and hope the user thinks it's faster from placebo. You have to do the leg work to get them to spend money on their infrastructure. It's dumb.

I don't know if her being a woman has an effect / or if there's a bias with women and tech where you are, but it can happen unfortunately, and some ISPs /customer service, etc might be less likely to listen or take them seriously. It happened with my roommate and a few others. It's also dumb.