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Intermittent connection issue to Hosted Payment Page


We are in the testing phase of implementing the hosted payment page and have all of our messages built and working using the sandbox.


What seems like at least once a day on the very first test, and sometimes a couple of additional times throughout the day after a pause in testing, I get an error back at the first step of trying to obtain the token from  After that the messages work fine.  It's almost like the connection gets closed and has to be woken back up again before messages can be sent.


Here's some of the information from our logs when this happens.

"HttpTargetConnector:ExternalSystemContactException Untrusted Server Certificate Chain" and "The host couldn't be resolved"


I have seen this message pop for things other than cert issues before so I think it might be sort of generic in this case.  All of the certs appear to be good and with the majority of messages going through fine I'm not sure it can be a true cert issue.  This could certainly be something on our end but I am not sure where to start and wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues.