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Is emulation still available?

Hello. We have integrated into some of our products, which have been around for many years. We have recently integrated your latest SDK and replaced the SIM option with Accept Hosted. We also have AIM included. We have some customers that used different gateways and would modify our files to use emulation for their providers. The code that was previously changed by them is not longer a part of the integration. Is emulation no longer a possibility for them? If so, please let us know what we may need to do with our integration to still allow any emulation. Thank you!


Hi @dthdevelopment,


Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to answer any questions about whether other payment gateways are emulating our system, or which parts of our system they might be emulating.


From our standpoint, the solution is easy: Just make sure all your customers are using Authorize.Net :)


But more to your point, I honestly don't know if any other gateways have chosen to emulate the newer portions of our system so I wouldn't be able to help you there. That would be a question you'd have to direct to the other gateway that you'd like to use your code with.

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