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Is it possible to use the payment method with Magento's SOAP API?

I'm currently trying to finish the work of a previous developer, the project being an online store with a custom front end that interacts with the magento store entirely through the RESTful SOAP v1 API. Creating carts, adding payment methods, shipping methods, and other such methods go over pretty smoothly, but I do not understand how to use to accept credit card payments in this system. The documentation only demonstrates setting the payment method to 'checkmo.'

Now, I understand that the credit card data is not to be saved/stored by Magento, and that this data disappears after setting the payment method. Is there a way for the credit card data to be stored by, and then associated with the cart upon checkout, all through Magento's SOAP API?

I'm certainly not the first to look for a solution to this. The following Stack Overflow detail the exact same problem:

None provide a viable solution.

If anyone has any tips as to how I might even begin to solve this, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks!


i think it's possible to use that.


@Mike17wrote: Portal4me

i think it's possible to use that.

Rootways CIM extension is Magento 2 website supported extension. It allows a user to capture payment directly from the Magento website to the account. Rootways CIM extension is compatible with Magento 2 website.