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Is it possilbe to set x_duplicate_window when calling CIM method CreateCustomerProfile?

Hello. I have a successful integration up and running with the following platform details:


Integration method: CIM

Platform: .NET/C#

IDE: Visual Studio 2008

Proxy: WCF web service (ServiceSoapClient)


When using the CreateCustomerProfileTransaction method I am taking advantage of the ability to specify transacton options using the extraOptions parameter in the method call as in the following:



CreateCustomerProfileTransactionResponseType response = cimProxy.CreateCustomerProfileTransaction( credentials, transaction, "x_test_request=FALSE&x_delim_data=TRUE&x_delim_char=|&x_encap_char=;&x_email_customer=FALSE&x_relay_response=FALSE&x_version=3.1&x_duplicate_window=30" )



The x_duplicate_window parameter here works great - does exactly what I expect it to. What I'm noticing, however, is that I'm still encountering the default two minute duplicate time window when calling the CreateCustomerProfile method as in the following:



CreateCustomerProfileResponseType response = client.CreateCustomerProfile( this.Credentials, profile, ValidationModeEnum.liveMode );



The problem is that if users make a mistake, say, entering their CVC, when attempting to save their card info, they have to wait two minutes in order to try again.


Based on this, here are my questions:


  1. Is there any way to specify x_duplicate_window when calling the CIM CreateCustomerProfile method?

  2. If I decide to move away from using the generated WCF proxy class and manually create the xml for the CIM calls, would I have the ability to specify extraOptions then?

  3. If neither of the above are possible, can I specify a global setting for this in the Merchant Interface?


Thank you.



Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue?

Is the only work around to modify the customer name or some other value so that it is not a duplicate?


Can we at least make the duplicate check time interval length a setting in the merchant preferences?  Is there still no solution for this?  In my case, i'm using the createCustomerProfileController, and I don't see a way to pass in the x_duplicate_window=1 option, unless someone can help explain that?



Hello. I'm running an addon in Woocommerce in Wordpress on WP Engine. Where do I set the Authorize duplicate time to 1 second so if  customer enters an incorrect field, then corrects it, that doesn't get entered as a duplicate order and canceled?



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