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Is there an Existing API friendly customer portal that handles payment profiles, recurring billing?

Hey there

I have a customer whose application I integrated with their payment processor which was payeezy.  It does both 1 time and recurring (balance due, not subscription) transactions using token armor tokenized cards.  It seems to work well but is being deprecated by Firstdata and they will be moving to  

The customer is cost conscious and just paid for this integration a year ago.  They want to avoid more deep development to get it done.  Does anyone know of a facility that works with but is a template, stand alone/hosted portal arrangement, where customers can be sent to to pay, with minimal onboarding, and the ability to charge bills to stored accounts as they are due?  Bonus for an API where I can push customers and balances.


Due to the slow (and I mean SLOW!) development pace of, I'd highly recommend a different provider. We've been begging for a hosted ARB solution for a long time, and now at least we can create an ARB from a customer payment profile. But that's it. No ability to manage the ARB via a hosted solution.