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Issue with Authorize for app payment - API Depreciated?

Total newb here, working with a mobile app designer in India. Trying desperately to get our mobile app finished. Multi-part question:


1. My mobile app designer says the payment API from authorize is depreciated and not supported and he won't use it with our app in the app stores. Is this true that it can't be used? If true, is there a way around this?


2. My mobile app designer is suggesting we use apple/google pay.  HOWEVER..the mobile app is for Teens, online learning course. From what I can tell, with apple/google pay it uses only stored payments..however it seems unlikely that teens will have their parents payment information on their phones. Is that the case?


3. I don't have kids nor do I know anyone that does ..Question: Do teens normally have their parents payment information on their phones for apple pay, stuff like that...or would that be a bad idea for a teen-oriented app?


4. What are some alternatives here? The app is based off our current HTML version of the learning program and that uses paypal..however we hate paypal, want to get rid of it.  We need something where students parents can enter in payment info like on a normal website since it won't be stored on the teens phone.