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Look up all transactions for a customer, even if no payment profile saved?

This one has me really scratching my head.


I'm trying to query the API to give me all transactions for a customer, or specifically for just a specific invoice number, even if the customer did not tick the 'Save this payment method for the future' box when checking out.


What API could I use for this simple query?

  • getTransactionListRequest?
    • No way to filter it by customer or invoice number.
  • getTransactionListForCustomerRequest?
    • Only select transactions that are connected to PAYMENT PROFILES, which are only in place if the CUSTOMER selected 'Save this payment method', or the payment profile was created ahead of time (how would we do this without knowing the payment details?)

The transactions show up under the portal in the "Transaction Search" area, and are clearly show customer information therein.


All I'm trying to do is query the transaction list based on "Merchant Customer ID" or "Invoice Number".


Right now there is NO WAY to find all transactions for an invoice if the "Save this payment method" was left unticked, without downloading ALL the transactions and searching through them locally. I feel like that would be abusing the API as well as causing much unneeded network traffic.


This related wish was posted in April 2015, then updated to Accepted in February of 2017. Now we are almost April of 2020. Five years after the wish was made, and three years since it was Accepted.


This seems to be the most popular idea on the "Idea" forum., please take a look at your forums.

  • Lots of spam, now in foreign languages! (Even in a post compaining about spam!)
  • Many of the posts end with "...that's why I don't recommend to people" and ".... no response from support, anyone have an idea?"


You guys DO have a great product. All it needs is a little attention to implement the top 4 or so wishes, as well as a little SPAM moderation, and I think you'd go a long ways in showing people that this is a not a dead-end product.


This sounds like something that writing your own script would fix fast.
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"Writing my own script would fix fast"? Can you think of any way that writing a script on my end would fix the issue on their end?


The issue is that their API does not have the ability to return results by invoice. only by customer, and that only works if the customer selected 'Remember this payment method' when they entered the payment details. This forces it to save to their profile.


But if the customer does NOT select 'Remember this payment method', then does not link even the customer to the payment. We need to be able to filter by customer or invoice. As it is, we can filter by neither using the API.


Downloading all transactions every time I want to know "how much has been paid for invoice xxxxxx" is a huge waste of both CPU and network resources


I believe there are valid reasons this wish is at the top in the "Idea Forum".


It looks like you've been around here a while though, so perhaps you know of some way I could "write a script" that returns all transactions for a specefic invoice without downloading all the transactions from their server?