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Merchant interface loses information on partial capture



I am working on some functionality for my clients. One of them will often do a partial capture of a transaction if the shipping estimate generated by the website is substantially in excess of the actual charges incurred.


I include the line items on the initial API call for the hosted payment page, and they are displayed on the invoice. This is very convenient and useful for my clients.  What I am noticing is that if a authorization only transaction is submitted for a partial capture, either through an API call or through the merchant interface, the line items (and most likely other order details) no longer print on the invoice. 


Is there a way around this or a possibility that this issue could be addressed? Obviously my clients could always print invoices prior to partial captures, but it would be much more user friendly for the invoice to retain the information, as my clients and anyone else's clients are going to eventually make an error and forget to print the invoice. 

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