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Moving customer profile from one account to another

We had an authorize account with market type moto for years.  During that time many customers' profiles (with credit card info) were collected for the purpose of a quarterly-billed product service.  

We recently had to create a new account with market type of ecommerce.  We'd like to move the customer profiles from to old account to the new one.

Looking at the api docs, it doesn't appear that moving the tokenized card from the old account to the new one is possible?

i.e. we see profile ids in the get response, but 

1. don't know if that id is sufficient for reference purposes, and

2. the create and update calls don't have a field for the profile id

Any help is appreciated.  Previous seemingly related postings in the community seemed to be solving other problems.



Update: I spoke with Angie in Utah in technical support, who corrected whichever customer service rep it was that said that market types could not be changed from moto to ecommerce.  So, that's the simple step and keeps this entire moving of profiles from having to be done.