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Need Help, in person payment with IDTech SRED DUKPT

I have a IDTech SRED which I currently have working and grabbing the KSN, Encrypted Card Info, and all that fun stuff. However I keep trying to make the call with the KSN in the DeviceInfo.Description section and I keep getting the following error: E00061:Device information is not formatted correctly(1).

What am I doing wrong? I have looked through your documentation and help guides and I have found nothing pertaining to this error. Also, please note that I have indeed checked the Encryption type, the encoding type. I've also set Data to both 0 and 1... however there is no documentation to state if 0, 1, or 2 is the Data Variant. I also have verified the authenticity of the card raw data and the KSN.

Here is my following code:


KeyValue o = new KeyValue();

KeyBlock l = new KeyBlock();


o.Encoding = EncodingType.Hex;

o.EncryptionAlgorithm = EncryptionAlgorithmType.TDES;

var i = new KeyManagementSchemeDUKPT();

i.EncryptedData = new KeyManagementSchemeDUKPTEncryptedData{Value=Common.getHexStringFromBytes(cardData.msr_rawData) }; //Dump


i.DeviceInfo = new KeyManagementSchemeDUKPTDeviceInfo { Description = Common.getHexStringFromBytes(cardData.msr_KSN) };


i.Operation = OperationType.DECRYPT;


i.Mode = new KeyManagementSchemeDUKPTMode {Data = "0"};


o.Scheme = new KeyManagementScheme {DUKPT = i};


l.Value = o;