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Need help - Accept Hosted implementation from Node.js/React Env



Need help with implementation of Accepte Hosted service from our env which is Node.js/React.


We want the payment form hosted on because of compliance and data security reasons. 


I went thru github eg. but it was not very clear to me. If somene could please help with steps and code (calls to make and resposnce details).



Call getHostedPaymentPageRequest to request a form token - details - the minimum info to pass, format of it. We are not keeping any customer info on our site.

We have API Login Id and Transaction Key.

How to retrive the token returned from the call. Actual eg./code will be helpful 



How to redirect the customer to the payment form by sending an HTML POST containing the form token to - details - minimum info to pass/format. 

Actual eg/code will be helpful - call message to POST, What is returned and how to access/decifer it.

I guess this will have payment succes/failure, amount charged etc.



Display a result page (on our site) based on the URL followed or the response details sent. Again actual eg./code will be helpful. 



Submit button code for #1 and 2 above.


Thanks for help. I have been looking into the github code and info posted on site but I guess I need some specific working eg. for my env - Node.js/React for Accept Hosted service.