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Need help in testing webhooks in sandbox

I've enrolled for all 21 events in my webhook and setup an endpoint to receive it.


I created an endpoint using ngrok for forwarding to localhost.


But, I'm not getting any response or notification even when event happens in my account.


Can anybody please tell what I'm doing wrong ?





Can you please try, posting your events to external bin like and see if it is working ?


If not, then we can narrow down where the issue possibly could be.



~ Rajvi

Administrator Administrator

Hello Ravi,


Thank you for replying.


Yes, I get event response in 


So, Is it the endpoint I'm using not in public (external) domain . I was able to access my controller action method using the end point I created using ngrok.


I need to get this response to one of my controller's action so that I can process it and take action appropriately based on events. Can you please point me some example showing how can I test my webhook using localhost so that it allows run in debug mode.

Hi @asimneupane0089


Your webhook callback url needs to be a external url which is  acessible via internet . 




Send feedback at

Hi @Anurag


My webhook callback url is accessible via internet. 


I'm trying to get response in my controller action. Do I have to do any additional setup other than making decorating it with HttpPost. For example:



public ActionResult Index() {

     var json = new StreamReader(Request.InputStream).ReadToEnd();




I got this working.

No, other setup was required.


Just a side note: 

For anyone trying to test webhook in visual studio. To make your localhost to accessible through internet use conveyor. It is a visual studio extension and its very easy to setup.

Please note that I'm not related to this extension.


I just thought it was worth mentioning. May be it saves time for someone :)

Hi same issue, i am running a rails application. am trying to implement webhooks for customer payment profile created. i am running in localhost but enabled to public using ngrok. when i trigger webhooks to "" it's working, but when i trigger to my ngrok url, it is not hitting the url and there is no proper error message. can someone help me