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Need help with AIM integration

Hello,  this is my very first time trying to install AIM integration from the quick start page.
I am trying to install a payment system for one of my clients.
my cilent wants me to install the AIM under the a specific page but, not for the entire website.

I did step 1 , but I am completely lost on step 2 and 3.
For step 2, when I pressed the green button it leads me to github.
However, I couldn't find "anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php" just like the instruction said.
In addition I don't know whether you download the sdk directly under the htdocs or under the
file which transactions take place.  What is the right pathway to do this?

For step 3 where do I place aim_test.php under which directory? and do you have to type in the credit card number
for the reciever or someone else?

Thank you


Follow the instruction on hte github link. The fifteenminutes page is out of date.

download the whole thing, on the right side, download zip


The anet can still be found somewhere. The issue I find is with the new APIs on Github - is finding good codeing examples and samples. Or am I just missing where they are?

Thank you for the replies,
so download the zip doc and put it under htdocs?
In addition, which instruction on github? ones under docs or one on the bottom of the page?
lol I am still lost. :p. Also where can I find the anet.sdk.php file?


We should have updated instructions on the 15 minute integration page in a few days.



Right at the main page