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Need to setup test data so that I can get all transaction records based on subscription ID - help?



I am a bit lost with this, basically I need to batch import all new Transactions using the
Authorise.Net Reporting API and associate them to an account in a crm based on the Authorise.Net Subscription ID's. 


Seems straight forward enough but I dont have access to their merchant account and have setup my own sandbox account. So I need to populate this with test data that is going to match the above criteria and this is where I am struggling. I ran the Create a subscription call a few times on the API Reference page and it seems to have created some sample subscriptions for me but when I run the Get Unsettled Transaction List api call it does not return any transactions for the created subscriptions.


So how do I create transactions and link them to the subscriptions?


Also I am having a hard time understanding what a batch actually is? As I understand it all transactions are put into batches to be processed and this only runs once a day? Is there anyway to force a batch to be processed in the sandbox?


Any advice on how I should proceed is welcome?


Hello @andy78


Subscriptions do not process in real time.  Instead, they will begin processing on the start date at approximately 2:00am.  If the start date is the same as creation date, it will process the next day.


Full documentation for Recurring Billing is available at



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard,


Yes I understand that, my transactions did process but the 7 dummy subscriptions I made via the API reference page did not generate any transactions. Is this because they have a trial month and therefore the transactions wont happend till start of the next month?


Bascially I need to be able to return test tansactions that contain Subscription ID's, how do I do that?

Create a subscription that start today or tomorrow, then you will have transaction the day after.


"my transactions did process"

That not transactions, that the subscription, when we said transaction we mean the credit card transactions with transactionID.