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New to multi currency question

We are in the final stages of having a E-Commerce solution completed using (by an athorized agent) and we need to be able to use multi currencies for charging subscriptions for the major 10 world-wide currencies. We have just been informed, i quote "regarding ARB and multiple currencies I want to point out that it is not possible to setup an ARB from one gateway account that will support multiple currencies and the way to handle this is to setup one gateway account per currency for using ARB. So we will need to have separate accounts for each currency we want to support when using ARB".

My questions:

1. Is this correct?

2. Is there a more straightforward alternative solution?

3. If this is the only solution, does anyone have a recommendation for a good international bank?

4. Any tips and tricks for this type of challenge?


Thanking you in anticpation for any feedback or good advice


1)yes if you use ARB

2)Use CIM and schedule your own subscription



Thank you for your comment