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No receipt on Accept Hosted redirect

Hi All.


I have accept hosted working fine with the redirect to the hosted page.  The owner has decided that he needs the receipt page turned off.  In the XML, I set hostedPaymentReturnOptions with a showReceipt parameter to false.


Shocking to probably no one, this did not work.  The documentation indicates that this setting is ignored unless the implementation is a lightbox or iFrame.


The thing is that I am trying to avoid redeveloping the ecommerce process to use a lightbox or iFrame, since it is already working fine with a redirect, and JUST needs the the receipt page bypassed.


What are my options?

I think the piece of information needed to answer your question would be why does the owner want the receipt page bypassed. The short answer is obviously that the receipt page is going to display, period if you’re going to use the redirect.

If it is a design/UX concern, one way to minimize the impact would be to pass a parameter such as the merchant name, description with a value of Please Close this Window - a Receipt Will be Sent to Your email or some such thing. I am assuming you are referring to the receipt page hosted on authorize.nets server, not the url that the user is taken to after hitting continue.

If that’s not an option, then you may want to explain to them that it will require extra work and give them an estimate. The owner can then weigh in his/her mind the benefits of having one page removed from the process against the added cost. You can see in my description that I am not an employee of authorize. Im just killing time while waiting on breakfast. Take this for what you want.

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