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Not seeing Item or Description in Simple Checkout receipts

Our client is using simple checkout but for multiple things. They have a Donate button at the top of every page but they also hold raffle sales or other types of fundraising events. This is a good example...


On the top-right of the page you’ll see the option to buy one or more tickets at $5 each. But when they get an email, there’s no way to tell if the person was using the main donate button, or one of their fundraiser buttons. So they have to go through some complex process to track down what the person was sending in money for.


Any idea why this basic functionality of a Buy Now or Donate button isn't happening?  I setup a test but am not getting any email receipts using Simple Checkout.  Thoughts?


Including line item details on merchant emails will be part of the August 11, 2015 update.  You can read more about this update here:



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