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Only checking for zip code validation


My use is a little complicated. We want to use the same account across the our website and iphone app. But on the iphone app we only want to ask for the users zip code and not their full address. Right now what I am doing is creating a cim profile with a fake address and have unchecked BERGUS (allowed them all). But I dont think this is correct. What is the correct way to do this? Again, on the website we want to verify address but on the iphone app all we ask for is zip code (along with cc number/cvv/expiry) but no street address/city/state info.




On the mechant account settings, allow them all, then do your own logic to check the AVS response.


Ok, but is there any way to get past the requirement of having a user address without putting in fake data. If i try to pass in no address information, i get an error saying - "one or more required fields are missing"

check the merchant account settings - payment form, form fields.

or try passing in a space.