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OrderType is causing Unexpected error during Payment withour ordertype payment working successful

I would like to know if there are any dependencies or relationship exists with OrderType while creating CreateAnHostedPaymentPage. 


Reason being, when I dont add OrderType with OrderId, payment is successful

When I add OrderType with OrderId, I get unexpected error when I click on Pay button of accept hosted form within IFrame



I have the same problem, my goal is to add the invoice number to be able to relate to the data that is stored in the database after the order is completed.


 var order = new orderType();
                    order.invoiceNumber = "INV-12345";
                    order.description = "Example Pay";

                    var transactionRequestType = new transactionRequestType();
                    transactionRequestType.transactionType = "authCaptureTransaction";
                    transactionRequestType.amount = Convert.ToDecimal(string.Format("{0:0.00}", amount_decimal));
                    transactionRequestType.order = order;

Please if someone found a solution it would be great.

Thank you

03-18-2021 I have version V2.0.1 and this problem persists, will it be that they are not interested in correcting this bug ???


This is disappointing.



I have the same bug.

There is currently a GitHub issue for this as well that's been open since 2019


We are trying to update from SIM to REST, and we are currently using InvoiceNumber for reporting in our old system.  If I use auth-only via Accept Hosted, I am unable to send the InvoiceNumber along because of this bug (since it's a part of the order); then, when I go to capture the card later, adding the InvoiceNumber then doesn't make any difference--still doesn't show up in reporting because it wasn't there during the initial request.


This whole process has been so full of bugs 😭  We've decided that next time we update our payment system, we're going to use Stripe or something else.