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PHP SDK - How to add order tax amount

I cannot find any documentation on how to add the amount of tax for an order. - Nothing here shows an example with tax being passed.


I need to be able to populate this data here:


Same issue. Throws an error if I don't set tax in production mode, but there's no way to set tax according to the php docs.


Figured it out, their documentation is terrible and basically has zero support.

Here's what I had to update from their example, by digging through the libraries code. The first 3 lines and the last line are whats needed. Insane that tax only needs to be set when not using sandbox mode.


$tax = new AnetAPI\ExtendedAmountType();

$transactionRequestType = new AnetAPI\TransactionRequestType();



I've been struggling with the same thing for the past four hours or so. The code doesn't seem to work, and I'm kinda lost. I will give it another go tomorrow, but if the issue is still there, could anybody please help me out? Speaking of taxes, I got to file my tax return for the year, and I'm looking for a trusted paystub I could use. I reflected upon a few options, and this one seemed like a good one What do you guys think? I'm also willing to consider other alternatives, so please feel free to share them with me. Thanks in advance!