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PHP batch statistics response accountType, chargeAmount, chargeCount

Trying to show a summary of statistics on my server for our accounting department. Reading through the forums and guides, I am a bit stuck. In the XML documentation, the responses seem to indicate that I should be able to look through the statistics for each batch. I have tried several methods to try and see this. Can someone kind of suggest a tip to help me along? Below is my code:



require_once "/anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php";
define("AUTHORIZENET_API_LOGIN_ID", "xxxxxxxxx");
define("AUTHORIZENET_TRANSACTION_KEY", "xxxxxxxxxxx");
define("AUTHORIZENET_SANDBOX", false);

// Get Settled Batch List
$request = new AuthorizeNetTD;
$includeStatistics = true;
$firstSettlementDate = "2014-07-01T08:15:30";
$lastSettlementDate = "2014-07-09T08:15:30";

$response = $request->getSettledBatchList($includeStatistics,$firstSettlementDate,$lastSettlementDate);

echo count($response->xml->batchList->batch) . " batches<br>";

foreach ($response->xml->batchList->batch as $batch) {
echo "Batch ID: " . $batch->batchId . "<br>";
// I would like to put in the Transaction details here and tried : $response->xml->statistics=>statistic->accountType


// Tried looping through the statistics in the response, and also in the above batch list (which works fine) loop, and also have tried just displaying in on the page - something like:

foreach ($response->xml->statistics->statistic as $stat) {
echo "Account Type: " . $stat->accountType . "<br>";




statistics is a child of batch



Thank you. That helped a lot.


So, then, I should be able to then loop through each batch and see a summary of each accountType, chargeAmount, and chargeCount ?


I appreciate the reply.:smileyhappy:

That sound right.

If you're the usage of relay response. After the consumer hit the put up to submit CC info to authorize.Net. Authorize.Internet ship it to system and get response.