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PHP - no data returned

I am attempting to pull transaction and batchlist data from PHP. I have a live account and valid API Login and Key. And I have actvated the Transaction Details API.


This accout has been LIVE for years and has many transactions and batches. However, I get 0Batches and no details using a known valid transaction ID.


	echo "<br>****** Authorize.Net ******<br>";
	require_once "../../anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php";
	define("AUTHORIZENET_API_LOGIN_ID", "***********");
	define("AUTHORIZENET_TRANSACTION_KEY", "****************");
	// Get Settled Batch List
	$request = new AuthorizeNetTD;
	$response = $request->getSettledBatchList();
	echo count($response->xml->batchList->batch) . " batches\n";
	foreach ($response->xml->batchList->batch as $batch) {
		echo "Batch ID: " . $batch->batchId . "\n";
	// Get Transaction Details
	$transactionId = "6356645336";
	$response = $request->getTransactionDetails($transactionId);
	echo $response->xml->transaction->transactionStatus;

 Any thoughts on why? I activated Transaction Details API this morning. Does it take time to take effect?


I read through the and now my head hurts. 


If the sample SIM Implementation using sandbox credentials is running fine when on my server, would the gzip compression be the issue?

if you server is gzip compression enabled

do the "Remove the request for compression"


is running fine in the sandbox because the sandbox not returning gzip. If you read the spec on Content-Encoding, the client can request gzip, then the server can response with gzip or not too.