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Passing a form but not passing credit card info

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a solution for a client that was initially told they could use Simple Checkout - however, Simple Checkout doesn't have the form fields the client would need. 

I was told by a sales rep that we could build a form with these custom fields to be hosted on the clients website - the form would not need to include credit card information.  We want to avoid having a credit card transaction on the website we host for the client.  

The form would have some basic information plus a few custom fields.  When the form is submitted, the user would be directed to a full payment page hosted by  The information from the form fields we built would get passed through that transaction to associate the payment with a specific user along with some other details.  

Is this even a thing that can be done?  I was told to look at the Accept Host documentation but this seems to require a transaction type and amount.  Again we do not want to collect or pass any credit card information on the website we host.