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Performance issues with Webhooks response

Hi All,


We recently switched to webhooks from relay response and we are facing two issues mentioned below: (Same behaviour is on Sandbox and LIVE)


  1. Performance issue, we checked and found that we are receiving the response back from the webhooks in around 18-20 sec while in case of relay response it was about 2-3 seconds. Can you please suggest if there is something we can do in code/settings through which we can reduce the webhooks response time.
  2. The new form does not contain Company name, is there any settings or code changes we can do to show Company name field with billing address.


Thanks in advance.


The 18 to 20 secs I do not know. My integrations were coming back in 3 seconds or less, and then my latest project comes back in 13 to 15. Not sure what causes the variability in the response time.

Idk what form you are using. You should be able to pass company name in the API call.
All Star

Hi, thanks for your response.

The integration you mentioned that was taking 3-5 seconds were you getting response via webhooks or relay response?


Webhooks. All are webhooks.