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Please Help: Never Get DPM Mode Response

I've have been trying all sorts of variations using the DPM API.


In all cases, the transaction completes successfully. (I can log into the account and see the transaction was accepted.) However, in no instance have I been able to confirm my relay URL ever gets called!


I must be missing something. Is it not enough to specify the relay parameters when I post my data? Do I need to set some type of configuration in my account or something else.


I've really made an effort but it's hard for me to see what other variation I can try to try and get my relay URL to be called.




See if this help


For .net put EnableViewStateMac="false" on both the DPM page and the relay response page. Or you can also set the machineKey on the web.config.


To see what being return in relay response set the relay response URL to   .  Remember to add this the valid relay response list on your test account.