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Processing Fees Tracking

Our accounting team would like to know:

How can we see the processing fees we are being charged each transaction? shows us a GROSS batch number each day and a list of transactions with the GROSS sale.

The next thing I can see is the NET transaction when it is deposited into our bank account. does not show the in between.

Trying to reconcile the books and need an easier way to track these fees.


Question from our software developer:

Is there a public API that would enable tracking fees?


The billing statements and reporting may be useful for this. Are there additional ways to reconcile the processing fees being charged for each transaction?


I searched various places on the Authorize Net on the word "fees". I think you'll be helped reading the various posts.

Trusted Contributor

The short answer is no; if it's a fixed fee for all transactions then you could write a script or see if someone else has. The better solution is to eliminate the root problem. 

The "average" merchant has fees taken out at the end of the month, not each transaction.  Quickbooks doesn't work like that, but this is The merchant should contact their gateway provider and ask to change the billing method to monthly. The fees will be a line item and all deposits will equal the sale amount.


Payment Gateway and Merchant Services Consultant