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Puzzling results with the getCustomerPaymentProfileListRequest API call

On trying out the getCustomerPaymentProfileListRequest API call via the reference page ( I'm seeing some puzzling results.


  • When I log into the sandbox (, and look for a recurring billing profile, I find one with a subscription id, and the end date of March 15, 2019.  Querying via the API for items that will expire in "2019-03" (for the <month> parameter), I don't see that billing profile in the results.  When I query for "2019-04" I do see it.
  • In the results I see:  <customerPaymentProfileId>36231990</customerPaymentProfileId>, but that does not match the subscription ID I see in (which is 3090317).  Searching for 36231990 in the sandbox returns no matches (ie there's no ARB set up with that Subscription ID).

Note that these are all test transactions, so does that matter?  But if so, how can one test an integration with the getCustomerPaymentProfileListRequest API?



Hi adamsilkstart,


Please note that it is not possible to get a list of customer payment profiles based upon when a subscription will expire. If this does not answer your question can you please clarify your concern so we can make sure to address it.




Administrator Administrator

Facing some intriguing puzzles with the getCustomerPaymentProfileListRequest API here! It's like navigating a complex maze, but for payment profiles. Maybe a bit like debugging in puzzle games, where the pieces don't always fit perfectly. Keep unraveling those API mysteries for smoother integration!

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